Solution to attract customers

Sodexo Meal Pass digital meal voucher is one of the effective solutions to grab customers’ attention selectively, thereby, boost sales and keep potential customers for stores, restaurants. Sodexo Meal Pass digital meal voucher is widespread used by organizations, enterprises to supply daily meals, enhance the employees’ productivity. As joining the network accepting Sodexo Meal Pass digital meal voucher, our partners will gain the following benefits.

1. Sale promotion

• Boost the sale and ensure an additional amount of income.

• Digital meal voucher users only eat in the accepting system.

• Sodexo provides digital meal vouchers for customers who are big enterprises and brings benefits for their employees - those who have high consumption.

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2. Widely promotion

• All of the partners join our synchronous promotion programs.

• Your information will be in the marketing documents, instructions and sent to customers and via online media channels to attract potential customers and regularly update the brand’s information to users.

• Sodexo often encourages the marketing programs to thousands of big customers to consult the welfare allowance solution for enterprises, therefore, access opportunity of your brand will be expanded according to Sodexo’s activities.

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3. Attracting more potential customers

The global research, along with statistics on Vietnamese Sodexo customers’ use shows that users often use more value on digital meal vouchers compared to cash. It means that Sodexo partners will possess a number of Sodexo Meal Pass users with high consumption.

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4. No-risk investment opportunity

• When joining our system, we commit to pay off adequately and on time. You will not pay any additional investment fees, we only take charge when creating revenue for you.

• The Sodexo standard promotion programs will launch aiming to potential customers and there is no need for our partners to invest in advance.

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If you desire to join the system, please fill in the following information and send it for us.

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