Driving employees’ motivation to work

Every organization expects its employees to perform their job with high efficiency. However, in reality there are always employees who work in a state of negligence, lack of interest, enthusiasm with their job, resulting in poor working performance. Scientists have shown that the root cause of the above-mentioned issue is working motivation of each person.

Reasons why employees get distracted in their job

Reasons why employees get distracted in their job.
The job is not challenging enough;
Excessive working hours;
Employees’ efforts are not recognized properly;
Employees are dissatisfied with current work and eventually feel unmotivated.

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Create and enhance motivation to work

Firstly, it is necessary to identify employees’ needs:
• Material remuneration is an important tool to create and enhance external motivation.
• Methods to create internal motivation through mental simulation is equally essential, which results from such personal experiences as a sense of accomplishment, a sense of respect and a desire for self-expression.
• To assign tasks in line with competence, assign right people to the right tasks.
• The training and development of human resources and creating promotion opportunity helps satisfying the needs for self-fulfillment, thus motivating employees to work.

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Company is home and employees are family members


Much as the employees love their jobs and are paid well, if they do not feel a sense of belonging, they will not make a lasting contribution to the corporation.

Therefore, the key factor to retain talents and motivate them to work is to take care of the staff, making each employee feel that he or she is being treated as a member of a “big family”. The appropriate time to build up cohesion is through meals, where colleagues, managers and employees can share interesting stories and lease their stress.

Ilya Pozin is an entrepreneur and investor, has revealed that one of the secrets to set up a hard-working and passionate team is to offer employees lunch.

This brings joy and surprise to everyone, showing that the leaders and company care about and recognize the employees’ contributions.

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Not just a meal

Lunch benefit is among the Top 5 benefits focused on by leading businesses in Vietnam*.

It is obvious that a delicious meal not only regenerates the energy for an effective working day, but also brings about connection between: colleagues - colleagues; individual - collective; employees - managers, etc. thus strengthen the relationship between individuals and organization.

*Report on Employee Benefits of Vietnam in 2017 – Vietnamworks

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Do you know

When Benefits are separated from salary, employees can enjoy their benefits to the fullest; furthermore, it also helps employees recognize the genuine care of the corporation for them.

Good remuneration policy will attract and retain talents, which is an essential factor making a difference in the image of the corporation and motivating employees to work everyday.

Everyday, over 30 countries in the world have adopted this comprehensive benefit solution of Sodexo Group (France). In Vietnam, Sodexo offers a multiple-choice meal benefit solution - Sodexo Meal Pass.

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Enhancing the value of benefits

Sodexo Meal Pass - Meal benefit solution in the form of digital meal voucher used in different programs, benefits: Lunch allowance, overtime meal allowance, meeting, event and training catering, etc.

This effective and unique way provides employees with opportunities to experience meals of their own taste, certificated with food safety of many famous and popular brands nowadays.

The Sodexo Meal Pass recipient pays by scanning QR code in a fast and convenient way.

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